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Lead People, Manage  Process 
and Create Growth

Our Services

Business Optimization System

Is a learning program which includes instruction on Continuous Improvement methods and Leadership skills for all levels of the organization. We will train and mentor all who will sustain the system during the evolution of the organization on our methods and tools for optimizing business results and creating an extraordinary customer experience. 


Universal Solutions, through asking a series of critical questions, identifies gaps between performance and customer expectation and then provides recommendations for closing the gaps.

Universal Solutions Learning System

Optimizing business performance requires new perspectives and viewing the organization with a different set of lenses. Universal Solutions will provide your organization with the concepts, knowledge and tools to do so. It may also require deploying  different methods and we will provide the instruction and coaching to assist in  defining potential changes needed, and designing a plan for integrating new methods.  We work side by side with your organization for  successful implementation.


Customer Experience

Customer expectation is a dynamically changing variable impacted by market conditions, competitive environment, pricing pressures and personal bias. The strategic strata within an organization will learn how to identify, measure, analyze, and design new approaches to enhance the customer experience.

We will make recommendations for "next steps" in pursuing Optimized Organizational Capability using

Continuous Business Optimization concepts which encompass

Leadership, Partnership, Key Control Improvement and Coaching you through implementation.

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